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Suavinex - Termometer za v vodo Tiger, siv

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Suavinex - Termometer za v vodo Tiger, siv
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Bathing thermometer, with sweet decorative ears, brand Suavinex, measure the temperature of the baby's or newborn's bath water.

In this sense, bathing turns out to be a daily ritual not only for hygiene but also for the relationship and contact between babies and their caregivers. With this tremometer, this moment becomes a rewarding experience for everyone. Specifically, this product does not contain mercury, so it is completely safe and non-toxic for the baby. In turn, this is easy to use, just follow the colors on its display to see if the water temperature is adequate. Finally, your baby's bath becomes safer without any effort.

Product Details


  • For accurately measuring the ideal bath water temperature.
  • Randomly selected color thermometer free of mercury.
  • Completely safe and non-toxic for the baby.
  • Can be used from zero months of age.
  • Easy to use; 
    First fill the container or bathtub with water. Put the thermometer in the water and wait for its temperature indicator to rise to a stop before putting your baby in the water. If the pointer is in the red zone, the water is very hot. If it stops in the blue zone, it's too cold. Finally, the green zone is the one with the ideal temperature for the baby.
  • You can always keep the thermometer in water to assess its temperature until the bath is over.


Age 0 - 6 months, 6 - 12 months, 1 - 2 year, 2 - 3 year, 3+ year
Suitable for Boy, Girl