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Suavinex - Anatomska duda Premium Owl 0-6m, Bež

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Suavinex - Anatomska duda Premium Owl 0-6m, Bež
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The Suavinex pacifier is made of a special health-reinforced silicone, very soft, impermeable with an undesirable odor, taste. The air vents ensure constant air circulation around the baby's skin. The pacifier is a great helper for your baby's peace, whether during sleep or walking. Sucking a pacifier has been shown to release endorphin, the so-called happiness hormone, which gives the baby a pleasant feeling that calms him. Give your baby a pacifier instead of fingers or fists, as this variant can greatly disrupt dental development. All spare pacifiers and pacifiers are supported and produced in cooperation with the Association of Spanish Orthodontists and respect the natural development of the baby's gums, teeth and floor. The paints used to decorate Suavinex brand products are natural and non-toxic, excessive cleaning can damage them.

Product Details


  • Age: 0-6 m
  • Shape: Physiological
  • Teat material: medical-grade silicone
  • Physiological nipple being flat and symmetrical allows this room is always well placed in the babys mouth, exerting minimal pressure on the plate
  • BPA free


Age 0 - 6 months