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The story of the Minimellows brand is steeped in emotion and dates back to 2015, when founder Ajda Rotar Urankar became pregnant for the first time. She remembered her childhood sweetheart, who had been accompanying her for many years. She was her ally and best friend at bedtime, and with these fond memories she went in search of a baby girl. That's when she decided to sew it for him herself. She looked for the best materials, did a lot of research on what helps babies develop and sleep better, and after a while sewed the first cow, Paulina. Since then, Minimellows products have traveled a good part of the world, among others, you can find them in the renowned Vienna children's museum ZOOM Kindermuseum and one of the editions of British VOGUE. All Minimellows products are handmade in Slovenia, from the best materials, with a lot of love and this is the quality we want to keep. Children deserve only the best.