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Elodie - Pearl Velvet Blanket Pink Boucle

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Elodie - Pearl Velvet Blanket Pink Boucle
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This high quality blanket, brand Elodie made from a fantastic material called Pearl Velvet, will give your toddler warmth, warmth and a sense of security.

It´s unique hand feeling combines fluffy teddy bear and smooth velvet, but unlike those materials Pearl Velvet has the moisture absorbing abilities needed in baby blankets. It has double layers for extra warming qualities. Perfectly suited in the stroller,  in the crib or whenever something warm, cuddly and practical is needed. The unique snugness and durability of the fabric has made this blanket many young ones’ absolute favorite, and can accompany them for years and years. 

Product Details

  • Size: 75 x 100 cm
  • Material: 100% poliester
  • Care: Can be machine washed over and over without losing its soft touch. 


Age 0 - 6 months, 6 - 12 months, 1 - 2 year, 2 - 3 year, 3+ year
Suitable for Girl