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Babymoov - Moov & Feed autonomous Bottle Warmer

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Babymoov - Moov & Feed autonomous Bottle Warmer
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Heating up your baby's bottle when you're out and about can be a real challenge. And because we know that it's not easy to make them wait when they are hungry, we have created this portable bottle warmer, brand Babymoov just for you!

A cordless, battery-operated bottle warmer that's a complete game-changer for trips out with your baby: out on a walk, in a restaurant, in the car or just at night time, our portable travel bottle warmer makes your life easier. Heat up to 340ml of liquid to the ideal precise temperature (between 37°C and 50°C). It takes just 5 minutes to heat 150ml to 37°C. Heat up anything you like: water, formula milk or breast milk. When baby is older, you can then use it for keeping your tea or coffee warm (up to 50°C). Once the heating process has started, it keeps the liquid at the required temperature for 7 hours. This 'Keep Warm' function means you can feed your baby at any time, with little any delay.

It is easy to charge and comes with a 1m USB-C cable to connect to an electric socket, cigarette lighter or even your PC. Ergonomic and easy to carry with its secure lid, you can pop it inside your bag without the risk of spills. Its pouring spout makes it easy to transfer the hot water into your baby's bottle.

Product Details

  • Battery-operated portable bottle warmer: 7-hour battery life .
  • 340ml capacity
  • Dimensions: 24.1cm x 8cm
  • Heats quickly: 150ml heated in 5 minutes.
  • Precise temperature setting from 37°C to 50°C
  • Full charging overnight (7 hours): 1m USB-C cable included. Plug not included.
  • Hygienic: clean with water using a bottle brush. Heating part made from stainless steel.
  • Maintenance: Cleaning of the interior of the stainless steel part with soap and water. 
  • Easy to carry with a secure lid.
  • Safe liquid transfer using the pouring spout.
  • Compatible with water, formula milk, breast milk, etc.
  • Composition: Stainless steel / Lithium battery / Silicone buttons / Polypropylene / ABS
  • And because the action we take today shapes the future of our children, Babymoov is committed to reducing its environmental impact with its GreenMoov initiative. Our bottle warmer is repairable and designed to last.


Suitable for Boy, Girl